Custom illustration and print design for


Becca at has an amazing application that simplifies the fulfillment process for Etsy sellers and other creative businesses. She was heading to a bridal show and needed an illustration and a print postcard to pass out to the attendees to promote her app. I created a simple illustration that showed the confusion that can happen to a customer between purchasing an item and receiving it. I then created a two-sided postcard design using the illustration and some promotional copy. While at the show, she offered one of my pre-made logos as a free giveaway! There are plans to create a more detailed illustration that includes some character design in the future. I can't wait to work with Becca again. If you have a creative business, definitely check out ...continue reading

For a good time, design free printables


I don't normally dabble in print these days, but I can and sometimes still do, especially when the project is fun. The blog I work for, Offbeat Bride, commissioned these "Deep Breath Cards" for brides and grooms looking to be reminded to take a break during the wedding to make sure they're not rushing through it and are having fun. Printables are awesome because it's a real value add for readers and has the potential for some viral marketing. Plus, they're just fun. I really hope to find more ways to provide free printables and web downloadables, especially when I launch my new secret project. Tease tease tease! ...continue reading

CSS fun with

atfiftythree-screen was well on its way to success already when I was pulled in for some CSS tweaking. Nothing major -- just some color changes, alignment issues, the usual CSS suspects. Already I can see it's going to be a very cool, very streamlined blog. ...continue reading

A CSS party with


Stephanie is an amazing photographer and is starting a new business in Portland, OR. She's already web savvy, but needed some help with CSS and fonts within her chosen WordPress template. So we worked out the kinks and she's ready to roll. Check out Crimson and Clover Photography, especially if you're looking for some killer photography skills in Portland. ...continue reading



Billie is a collaborative law attorney in Washington. She is also one of my latest (and amazingly nice) clients! Billie's site had a calming, tranquil feel, since that's probably what all of her clients really need during times of legal stress. So we kept that zen feeling with an interface refresh, new contact form, plus lots of SEO changes. Adding in the power of WordPress on the Genesis platform gives Billie the power to change her site content herself as well with tons of search engine cred.  (That's the beauty of WordPress. /fangirl) So if you're in need of collaborate law services in the Bothell, Washington area, I think we all know who to call. Client: CMS: WordPress ...continue reading

Affordable website consulting


Website and Blog Design and Setup -- For small businesses (or big guys) trapped in default designs with no direction, we can provide you with a full-service Wordpress installation, custom design, the full SEO treatment, and installation of site analytics. We will also get your started with Feedburner (for your email lists and RSS feeds), tons of plugins to add utility and fun for you and your visitors, plus get you started on showing advertising. This includes one-on-one meetings via email, Skype, phone, whatever method works for you! Let us know how we can help. Site Design Facelifts and Other Graphics Do you just need some illustration or graphical elements for your site? How about just a new look or identity? We can provide any a la carte service from our full service site creation. Let us know what services you need. Social Media Consulting Need some direction in the wild world of social media? We can assess your needs for an existing site or apply the social treatment to a site we build for you. We'll set up accounts for you in the major networks (with website integration) and other site-specific sites that might be a fit. i.e. Vimeo or Youtube if you plan to host video. But we won't leave you hanging after that. We'll show you how to use them the right way and what apps or programs are helpful in managing those accounts. Let us socialize you! Blog Consultation Do you have a blog or website that just isn't generating the traffic or audience ...continue reading

eNewsletter design for a real estate agent


We created a series of promotional email newsletter designs for a real estate seeking audience. Our role in this project was design, HTML coding, email newsletter deployment consulting. ...continue reading